The R&D SINERGEA Project targets an intelligent platform for decision support of the integrated and optimized management of energy, bathing water quality and inundation in coastal cities.

Framed in a smart city view, this platform will simultaneously allow to: 1) contribute to city energy efficiency through minimization of drainage infrastructures' energy consumption; 2) protect urban beaches by preventing bathing waters' contamination by urban discharges; 3) contribute to urban flood events' risk management.

Based on innovative ICT methods, the system will provide real-time proposals for optimized infrastructure operation measures, merging real-time forecast and monitoring of the full water cycle (atmosphere, catchment, urban and coastal areas) and energy, pre-defined environmental scenarios and operational alternatives. This generic tool, XHQ SINERGEA, customizable to the challenges of different end-users and interconnected water bodies, will be demonstrated in the city of Albufeira (Portugal) and its nearby coastal area.